No one ever said that recovering from a serious addiction would be easy, but with a reputable drug rehab center you can feel confident that success is possible. Let us guide you through what you can expect when you choose to get professional addiction recovery care.


An effective addiction recovery plan begins with time in a drug detox clinic. The amount of time that a client stays in detox will depend on several factors, including the duration of drug use, what types of drugs were being abused, and other considerations.

Monitored detox is the recommended form of treatment for addiction because it’s safe and effective. You should never attempt to detox yourself from drugs at home, or even with the help of a family member. Not only will quitting cold turkey or trying to detox at home lead to relapse, but it can also be extremely dangerous to your health.

Only an experienced and trained professional can carefully and skillfully monitor someone who has been abusing drugs long-term. These caregivers will keep you safe, comfortable and calm during this period.

The Therapy Process at an Addiction Recovery Facility

Addiction treatment centers are dedicated to providing high-quality counseling to all clients. The process begins with intake. At this point, clients are able to discuss their current situation with a dedicated counselor. At the same time, the client is screened for the possibility of mental health disorders, which may be coinciding with the client’s substance abuse problems.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is essential to creating a recovery plan that will prevent relapse. If a co-occurring mental health issue such as anxiety or depression is not treated completely during the client’s stay at an addiction treatment facility, relapse could occur. A drug rehab facility can offer personalized treatment plans based on dual diagnosis and the history and current lifestyle of each client.

Treatment programs also emphasize honesty and community. Support groups are available so that clients can meet peers and support each other. It’s important to feel united as a group during what can be a difficult time for people.

Importance of Aftercare

Finally, we remind clients that recovery is an ongoing process and that it doesn’t end on the last day of the treatment program. On the contrary, clients are encouraged to continue with outpatient treatment in various forms. We call this continued care or aftercare, and aftercare is offered once your program is completed.

We cannot understate the importance of aftercare for individuals who have struggled with addiction. Under no circumstances is it likely that clients will not encounter difficult times ahead.

In order to avoid relapse, clients cannot avoid difficult situations, triggers, cravings or temptations. Instead, they need to be ready for these things. Effective recovery programs give clients the tools for this. Coping mechanisms are taught and simulations are prepared so that clients can be prepared for anything when they leave. Moreover, aftercare programs, living situations, and more are offered in aftercare programs to clients.

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You can start receiving professional help today. With many addiction recovery program options, caregivers will give you the best care possible and help you make a healthy and safe transition into sober living and an improved life overall.