At Blue Ridge Institute we know that dealing with addiction alone can be hard and sometimes even impossible. We encourage individuals to seek professional help from a licensed and professional drug rehab centers to get the proper help you will need to reach sobriety once and for all. We want to provide you with information on what to expect when you choose to seek professional addiction recovery care. Professional supervised detox programs include careful oversight and therapy to give you the insight and guidance you need to reach your goals. Drug rehab centers are here to empower you on your journey.

We understand that addiction is a difficult disease to live with. We also understand that addiction is not a moral failing or a personal flaw. In some instances, a co-occurring mental health disorder may be contributing to your addiction. In cases like this, there are dual diagnosis mental health treatment to ensure both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction are treated concurrently. That means they don't just treat your addiction: they also work with you to learn what other issues you may be dealing with, such as depression or anxiety.

To overcome addiction and reach your full potential, you need to engage with your personal history and any and all obstacles you may face.

You must understand that your addiction treatment needs to be individual. One size does not fit all when it comes to drug rehab centers. Each course of therapeutic treatment is tailored to fit the needs and experiences of each specific person, their background, and their recovery goals. There is structure and well-researched psychological theory behind treatment at an addiction treatment center, but your treatment plan is always customized.

Professional drug detox clinic are safe and secure to ensure that you have a stable, comfortable environment to support your journey. The distractions of the outside world can make a difficult recovery period even harder. You need to be able to focus on yourself and your treatment without additional concerns. Not only do addiction recovery facility protect your personal safety, it also supports feeling mentally safe, comfortable, and welcome in the community.

Proper treatment does include structured support group work and individual therapy with specific counselors, but it is important to us that you can approach anyone with your concerns or feelings. That also means that honesty is a valuable trait. The more you can be honest and open about yourself, your past, and your present, the sooner and easier you will experience relief. It takes transparency for you and your counselors to fully understand both what brought you to your current state and what will best help you improve.

If you are interested in supportive and collaborative therapy at a drug rehab facility, there are several different ways the treatment may go. It is important starts with an individual assessment to get an initial understanding of your case. This is not a fixed assessment, but it is the starting point for the rest of the treatment. It can change as more information comes up.

Your initial contact with an addiction treatment facility may also include supervised detox, depending on your current substance abuse status. Next, you will undergo therapeutic intervention with individual and peer group therapy. The ending point varies from person to person. Some go into more advanced care, others go back out into the community, and many stay loosely tied to the addiction recovery center via a therapeutic relationship. As with everything else, what happens after your time in an addiction recovery program will depend on what works best for you.

If you’re ready to put your addiction in your past, it may be time for you to enroll into a drug rehab center.