Whether you have had an addiction for years and are just now getting help, the treatment you need to recover is available.

What we can offer

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There are a variety of addiction recovery tactics to allot clients the most effective treatment to meet the needs of their unique situation.

To fully and accurately eliminate the physical and mental symptoms of addiction, a professional addiction recovery programs is needed. There are customized plans to treat the client’s overall mental.

Supervised Detox
Before you able to get your treatment under way, you must admit to yourself and others that you have a problem you can’t control or beat on your own. This is the first step in the addiction recovery process. Then, once you have eliminated denial, you will be ready to enroll at one of our drug detox clinics. During detox, you’ll be monitored during the withdrawal symptoms to ensure that the process is as quick, comfortable, efficient, and safe as possible. While your body rids itself of the toxins that keep you physically dependent, you will have the opportunity to set up your long-term recovery on the right foot.
Individual & Group Therapy
Long-term recovery is mainly characterized by group and personal therapy sessions. During one-on-one sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to address the root causes of your problems while getting your problems off your chest. Group sessions will have you sharing with other clients, hearing their similar stories of struggle, and exchange invaluable advice that will help you avoid triggers, stay sober, and utilize healthy coping skills. The advice and bonds you receive during group therapy will likely stay with you for years to come.
Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment
During your initial individual therapy sessions, you will be screened for dual diagnosis mental health conditions. Dual diagnosis is when a person struggling with an addiction is also faced with an underlying mental illness. To fully treat the addiction at hand, we need to identify and address the uncovered ailments that may be contributing to your addiction. Whether what is bothering you is past trauma, mental illness, or emotional instability, it will be uncovered and treated accordingly.
Customized Addiction Treatment Plan
Your individual therapy sessions will lend themselves to creating a customized addiction treatment plan with your personal counselor. This is where your time during treatment will be planned to meet your needs and will address your current situation in all respects. No two people are the same, no two addictions are the same, and therefore no two addiction treatments should be the same. Whatever works best for you will be implemented, and if a treatment proves ineffective, your personalized addiction recovery program will be altered accordingly. This customized approach will be carried onto to your aftercare program as you go to leave one of Blue Ridge’s substance abuse treatment facilities.
When you are ready to leave Blue Ridge, you won’t be alone in your recovery. We will be there to make sure you have everything you need in the form of resources, guidance, and support. Whatever you need to stay sober in daily life will be applied and comprehensive. Sticking to aftercare is perhaps the most crucial aspect of long-term recovery because it is the most precarious.