Advanced addiction treatment customized to your needs.

Supervised detoxification to ensure that withdrawals are safe and comfortable.

Long-term therapy in a variety of methods including group and individual sessions.

Comprehensive aftercare services to provide the resources enable your indefinite sobriety.

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Blue Ridge Institute is here to provide you with unbiased information to help you better understand your addiction and help you understand the process of addiction recovery.

Through several addiction treatment methods, we are able to provide whatever the client needs while remaining on the established path of stages Blue Ridge has adopted. Meeting your needs is only possible with dual diagnosis mental health treatment and flexible programs. To fully treat your addiction, you must identify and address the root causes that have contributed to and exacerbated your drug abuse and dependence.

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"Every day men, women, and adolescents take their first steps on this journey. Dramatic changes do happen."

- Joe Herzanek